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How easy is it for a 40 year old man to totally change his career?

I have spent 20 odd years working in pubs and clubs as a barman, but I want to change my career as I want to spend time with my wife and children, and make more money.How easy is it for a 40 year old man to totally change his career?
well amigo, you already know ur answer, me thinksHow easy is it for a 40 year old man to totally change his career?
depends on what you want to do now?

got $$$ to go to school?

know another trade?


radio? tv? music? juggling?

all depends on what ya know, who ya know and how much you got and what you want to do.
Doing what you've always done is easy. Changing is not easy but can be very satisfying in the long term.

You might have to spend less time with your family temporarily as you continue to work full-time and study part-time to develop the skills you need for a new career.

If you want to apply the skills you already have to a new career, consider jobs in the restaurant/hospitality industry that have daytime hours.

Good luck!
The hardest part is convincing yourself to do it. 40 is young these days. I am 44 and I just did it a few months ago. I was nervous at first, but it was a great choice I made
i am 39 years old. i have returned to school to further my education and boost my income.

at first, i was terrified, and overwhelmed. I got little sleep and struggled with the subject matter.( I am taking medical courses)

after about 3 weeks, i was much more secure, and i had routine going at home to help keep my family taken care of and still have time for studying.

it is not hard, to switch careers if you want it bad enough. I had to take out some student loans and make some personal sacrifices, but in about 6 months, i will have tripled my income. i gave up evenings with my family for the years i have been in school, but it will be worth it in th long run. it makes the weekends more special to spend with them. It helps that i have teenagers to help me out at home and that my husband is incredibly supportive.
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Good luck!

How would you handle an unsupportive spouse when you want to change your career?

I have decided to change directions and jump from business to a career in the medical area. I need to go back to school for this as my education was not geared towards medical or science. I have been working on my classes at the local junior college and am in the last class that I need before I can apply to the program. I have worked very hard to make sure that financially things are caught up and a decrease would not be that much of a hit when I go back full-time to school.

My husband is now upset because I will not be able to continue a 9-5 job and just take classes at night. These classes are only offered durring the day and on a full-time basis. I never said that I would quit working, but that I would have to adjust my schedule to accomidate school.

Once I can complete this certification, I will be able to earn as much as I am making now and only work part-time if I wanted. He likes the money part, just not the school part.

Am I wrong for wanting this???How would you handle an unsupportive spouse when you want to change your career?
As long as you can both sit down and discuss the good with the bad then the lines of communication will work. His fears are valid, but might be focused on a small portion of the issue instead of looking at the total package.

Stick with it and don't give up. I'm sure that when your working full time and earning a good wage his fears will be non existent.

Good Luck.How would you handle an unsupportive spouse when you want to change your career?
You can do it! With or without him! You're a winner!
There is nothing ';wrong'; with wanting to go back to school. This would be a bign change, and your hubby probably has some understandable anxiety. It is going to take lots of effective communication from you to illustrate how you are going to make all of this work. Show him your plan; address his concerns. If you find he is still unwilling to support you through this, then you have to decide which is more important: your marriage's health, or your desire to pursue this endeavor. Good luck!
No you're not wrong and neither is your husband. I think its great what you're doing; it seems that your husband is scared of having the change in your life, your daily routine of 9-5, thats probably what worries him or what is making him upset.

Talk to him and explain to him how important this is to you; he may still not be supportive but you should go ahead with your plan anyway.

Once he gets used to the change, and hopefully understand, he may not be upset anymore. This may take time, but keep in mind, this is temporary.
Does he have a hard time with any change? Is he unsupportive when you get a hair cut, try to get healthy, etc.? That sounds like a real problem. If he is just more conservative, you can show him the plans you've made, the budgets and where you both will be in a few short years, and maybe that will ease his mind. Is he afraid your life is taking you in a direction away from him? Remind him how important he and your marriage is to you. You can do it! We're supporting you!!
If you love your spouse, I suggest that you have a chat with him. take it one step at a time and reassure him that you are doing it for the benefit of you both.

Sometimes a spouse may feel insecure about their partner going back to school for one of two reasons; an extra marital affair or what the college degree might make especially the man look like.

Generally speaking men do not like their spouses making more money than they do.(it's an ego thing)

So like I say just reassure him and work things out together. Find a way that he can support you in all of this and make him feel that you need him to support you achieve this success for you both.

Good Luck!
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I don't believe that you are. I would sit down with my spouse and lay out the cards. Show him what you are working with (work schedule, school schedule, time-for-him schedule) and solicit his suggestions. Generally, if a man has a hand in a decision, he will support it. Do not use your current situation as an option for him to consider. Do your homework on the pros/benefits of your proposed change and be ready when he questions the soundness of your decision.

How does one change his/her career?

I have been in the IT industry for several years but now I am tired of it. I want to change my career path and pursue some thing else. Since all my experience is in IT, it is difficult to find a job in a field other than IT. I am sure others have been through this experience. How does one make this transition successfully.How does one change his/her career?
Additional training. What you might want to do is first figure out what you want to do and then try to get certified in this new area if certifications for it exists. That will make you appear serious about changing careers. You may have to start in a lower position and work your way up. Keep in touch with previous colleagues and people whom you've met in the IT industry. If possible, they may be able to hire you for this new career path or recommend you to someone that needs a person in your new career path. If you are having an extremely difficult time changing careers, hire a career coach.

How do you know - when - it is the right time to make a career change?

In an economy like this - not now - unless you have a firm offer in your hands.How do you know - when - it is the right time to make a career change?
I unearthed the website in the box below during the last couple of weeks when I was searching for a new career. I was in a dead-end job but I wasn't certain what I really wanted to do or how to get there. The instruction on the site helped me to decide on my new career, and gave me some good thoughts about how to begin.How do you know - when - it is the right time to make a career change?
The simple answer is to trust yourself. If it feels like you need to make a change, then it's probably the right time.

There's no external ';right'; time, only your intuition can tell you the answer.

Good luck!

Resume Help for career change from bartender to administrative position?

I am seeking an administrative entry-level position but have little prior experience in this field. My most recent position was bartending. How to I include this job on my resume? Any advice for describing duties or ';changing'; title?Resume Help for career change from bartender to administrative position?
You could cover that in your opening paragraph - ';Objective'; or ';Career Goals';. You can explain that you are ';looking to enter the workforce in a more professional capacity so that I may have the opportunity to advance within a business that is alligned with my business goals';.

It is a little bit of fluff, but it makes it clear that you are looking to join a business where there will be a long-term future for you and that you are now thinking more in terms of a career.

Good luck!Resume Help for career change from bartender to administrative position?
It is what it is, which means that you are good at working around various types of people. in fact, as a bartender you are ';in charge'; of the bar, which also is a form of managerial experience. so call it what it is, and explain how it applies to the position you are seeking.
hmm that's a toughie. you could say ';customer service'; for bartending, and that you gained a lot of experience in communications. but there's not really any way around it, you were a bartender and looking for a career change. if it's entry-level you've just gotta hope that someone wants to give you a chance. a good way to get some experience is by going to a staffing agency.
Focus on your skill set: what software do you know? discuss your ability to multitask, provide customer service, track inventory, manage supplies, etc. Consider volunteering in an administrative position - even a few months would help to give you a legitimate reference to support your application for an administrative position.
Well the key here is to not put a load of junk on there that makes bartending look like being ceo of GE. The best way is to say what you have accoplished there, and the size of your establishment and additional tasks you were assigned. A lot of companies like bartending because it shows you have experience in social settings dealing with people. Many top sales people were once waiters/bartenders. So tell them that you worked busy nights serving and entertaining x number of guests, kept inventories of supplies, and started the hugely successful karaoke night that tripled business. Well not exactly that but something along those means.

Dont put grandiose statements or anything that looks like you are trying to make the job seem to be something it is not.
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  • How does one find a reputable job headhunter? I want to change careers & don't know where to start.? or headhunter.comHow does one find a reputable job headhunter? I want to change careers %26amp; don't know where to start.?
    What's your level of experience and target position? If you're an executive, there is a range of recruiting agencies dealing directly with executive headhunting.

    Otherwise the best bet might be posting the resume on Monster and Yahoo! HotJobs and waiting for recruiters to find you.

    Check out the staffing agencies in your town and find out what they have to offer and whose positions they are hiring for.

    I have been teaching elementary school for 7 years and I feel that I am ready to change careers. Help?

    I will be moving to Philadelphia in a few months and I am really considering a career change. I was thinking about becoming a paralegal to learn more about law and decided whether or not I would like to go to law school. How do I go about doing this?? Can I take a quick paralegal course? What do I put on my resume, all I have done is teach which is not really relevant to a paralegal position?? Any advice would be most appreciated! :)I have been teaching elementary school for 7 years and I feel that I am ready to change careers. Help?
    Looks like you need a degree, or you can take a diploma/certificate program at a community college for a year if you already have a related degree.

    For a career change, the best type of resume to use is a functional or combination style, rather than the typical chronological.

    Although there are not huge similarities between teaching and paralegal work, you would be using your advising and assisting skills, and maintaining accurate records. Visit your local employment centre and talk to an employment counsellor there. They can advise you about updating your resume, and just in case you decide that paralegal work is not for you, they can administer an interest and aptitude test.

    Good luck